Distributors have specific obligations established under Article 6 of the Regulation. They should verify that the name & address of the RP, the batch number, and the list of ingredients are labelled on pack and, if applicable, any ‘off pack ingredient notice’ accompanying the product. Before supplying the product to any EU / EEA country, they must ensure that the product complies with the language requirement established by the relevant national law. They should not supply cosmetic products that have passed their minimum durability date. In certain situations, distributors should take appropriate measures, and communicate with Competent Authorities and the RPs. In certain circumstances, they have an obligation to notify cosmetic products on the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP). This notification must be carried out when marketing a product in a new member state and translating the label on their initiative.

Distributors are not required to assess the safety of cosmetics by checking or asking to see the PIF or requesting a proof that the product has been notified via the CPNP. The RP is the one that should guarantee that the product is safe and makes the PIF accessible to the Competent Authority.

For more guidance please read the CTPA Distributor Guidance.