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Cosmetic Science as a Career

The cosmetics industry is innovative and science-led with a wide variety of sciences employed in the research and development of products.  A whole team of scientists, sometimes working in different parts of the world, develop, manufacture and market each cosmetic product.  From concept to final product the sequence will include basic biological research into specialist ingredients, formulation development and checking, efficacy testing, scaling up to manufacturing from laboratory development, packaging, further efficacy testing, safety assurance and regulatory compliance. 

Each and every step involves many different scientific disciplines including: biologists, chemists, microbiologists, physicists, dermatologists, dentists, trichologists, rheologists, botanists, zoologists, environmental scientists, toxicologists, pharmacists, physicians, ophthalmologists, logistical scientists, fragrance experts, analytical chemists, chemical engineers, statisticians, etc. Indeed, there are few scientific disciplines that would not find a role somewhere in the complex symphony of activities that turns a concept into a new cosmetic product.

Responsible manufacturers invest their reputation in their brands, building trust with loyal customers and relying on customer satisfaction for success. Fundamentally, that trust is based on delivering products that are safe, effective and of high quality. What you rightly take for granted is very much a co-ordinated team effort.

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