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The CTPA consumer website also provides general facts about cosmetics and information about the legislative controls.

Have you ever wondered how your favourite beauty products work?  What is the science behind the cosmetics that you use each day? 

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The CTPA has gathered the top scientists from leading cosmetic companies to reveal the innovative thinking that goes into making cosmetic products.  Not many people realize the vast science that underpins the cosmetics industry and the many different types of scientists who work on creating innovative and beneficial products - development of which can take years to ensure that they meet the needs of consumers to enhance appearance and well-being.  Underpinning all of the science is the industry’s number one priority: to make safe products that consumers trust and rigorous procedures are in place to ensure that it meets its priority.

To discover more about the science behind the cosmetic products you use every day, download the following fact cards and introduction to ‘The Science Behind’ :

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