Society is often debating what kinds of factors can affect self-esteem, and a range of industries have a part to play in the discussion including the media, fashion, cosmetics, music and publishing industries.  Self-esteem is at the heart of our industry, and in keeping with its on-going commitment to its customers, the cosmetics industry has a positive role to play in helping people to make the best of themselves, and in doing so, feel good too.

The contributory factors to self-esteem are complex and far-reaching, and there are many different points of view.  Over the years the CTPA has built up a body of work to better understand the issues around self-esteem.  This work continues today, as we adopt a listening role and stay in dialogue with families, parents and young people alike to ensure we hear their views.

Alongside independent quantitative research into self esteem’s relevance to our working lives, the CTPA has also conducted research into the overall significance of self-esteem for society, which reveals the need for us to recognise the crucial role that self esteem plays throughout our lives, as well as the positive benefits that our industry can have on self esteem.  See below for the two White Papers issued by the CTPA in 2004.

The Self-Esteem SocietySelf Esteem Report Cover

In July 2004 the CTPA launched a report on new research 'The Self-Esteem Society'. According to this research by independent think tank Demos, commissioned by the CTPA, self-esteem is the lifeline for modern living and lies at the heart of successful, modern societies.

The report argues that self-esteem is more important today than ever before. It explains that we lead increasingly open-ended lives, with fewer universal values, where people are responsible for creating their own individuality. However, we live in a society of high aspirations where our self-confidence is regularly tested as we struggle to meet the standards we create for ourselves.

"The research gives us hard evidence of how the nation views its self-esteem. It is an attempt to better understand what makes up self-esteem by analysing a range of influences including family, financial status and appearance. What emerges is the need for us to recognise the positive benefits of creating a self-esteem society."

Dr Chris Flower, Director-General, CTPA

Download report (pdf - 1.12 MB)


Me, Myself & Work

Me Myself and Work CoverThe second phase of the CTPA research on self-esteem: "Me, Myself and Work", commissioned from think-tank
The Work Foundation, revealed that self-esteem is the key driver of growth and productivity in the UK workplace.

The report argues that building self-esteem will lead to a more productive workforce in the UK and should be an essential part of social and economic policy. As the job for life has disappeared, the need for high levels of self-esteem has increased to deal with what is considered to be a riskier world of work. In turn, self-esteem underpins a greater desire for new skills through training in order to succeed in the workplace. Furthermore, the report calls for a reassessment of the value of self-esteem to UK Plc - both as a contributing factor to productivity and as an industry in its own right – and for the first time, values its worth.

"The research shows the importance of self-esteem in the workplace, now more than ever before. What emerges is the need for us to recognise the positive benefits of putting self-esteem at the heart of our approach to improving the quality of the workplace and society as a whole.”

Dr Chris Flower, Director-General, CTPA

Download report (pdf 1.7MB)


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