Message from DG

Dr Chris Flower, Director-General

CTPA makes a great difference for members, covering issues on behalf of the industry as a whole that would be difficult or inappropriate for individual members, or small groups of members, to tackle.

Through liaison with the UK competent authority for cosmetics legislation, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), trading standards and other government departments on issues where cosmetics might become involved, the CTPA provides constructive input to new regulatory issues as well as implementation and enforcement discussions in the UK.

As an actively participating Association in the European personal care trade association, Cosmetics Europe, the CTPA’s members are able to provide industry input to regulatory decisions being taken by the European institutions affecting the supply of cosmetic products within Europe. CTPA staff are very involved in the day-to-day work of the numerous strategic groups, competence committees, expert groups and ad-hoc task forces that help Cosmetics Europe come to one-voice industry positions enabling clear messaging on key issues.   This is especially important when the regulatory framework for cosmetics is undergoing major change, for example during the discussions on the EC Cosmetics Regulation 2009 and since then on the guidance for implementation and enforcement and practical application.

Topic specific practical seminars for members are held to provide detailed guidance and free workshops are held at the CTPA for members’ personnel to help maximise the benefits that members can get from using the CTPA services to best effect.

CTPA works in the UK and at European level to improve the environment in which members compete and to protect members’ licence to operate.  By sharing our experiences across the global network of Associations, we can also provide access to important information on issues ranging from customs problems to specific country requirements.  The legislative borderlines with medicines, medical devices, biocides, food, herbal remedies, toys etc. and other key regulatory controls such as packaging waste, batteries, classification of substances, global harmonised system of hazard classification, chemicals (REACH) legislation etc are all areas reported on by the CTPA.

Industry reputation is extremely important to CTPA and we provide information, briefings and factual information to the media, stakeholders and consumers to facilitate easy access to information about the safety of cosmetic and personal care products.  Our consumer website,, provides a wealth of scientific and factual information on the science behind cosmetics to provide reassurance to consumers that safety is the industry’s number one priority.   Written in clear, factual manner, the website is simple to navigate and provides answers to commonly asked questions.

The CTPA’s Board is made up of senior Directors of all sized member companies to ensure that the Association resources are utilised in the most cost-effective manner providing value for money.  With professional staff able to help members with individual confidential information, the CTPA is best placed to help give you a competitive edge.  See the membership benefits and join us sections for further information and guidance.

Dr Chris Flower